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The story

The extraordinary blossoms of the Camellia Japonica earned this variety a following among collectors and amateurs, who made it a staple among the nobility of 19th century Tuscany.
This is the same variety that was selected for BT’s Luce di Camellia line, which uses Camelia Japonica sourced from a Camellietum called “the little Zen garden” in Compitese, in the foothills of the Monte Pisano mountains. Here, at the edge of the forest, a wealth of botanical heritage has been preserved for over twenty years.
In addition to its beauty and historic and symbolic value, the Camellia was chosen as a key element for the  “Luce di Camelia” line because of its significant antioxidant properties and its effectiveness against cell-damaging free radicals.

This BT collection harnesses the essence of the rare Camellia Japonica in fermented extracts and macerated oils. Macerated Camellia oil – made by macerating the leaves of the Camellia plant in local, organic sunflower oil – preserves and transmit its natural properties.
Fermented Camellia extract is made by fermenting the plant’s leaves, in a natural, transformational process that combines innovation, science, and nature. Fermenting natural raw materials transforms them into fermented active ingredients, boosting their properties and delivering valuable nutrients to the skin. The benefits of fermentation were discovered in ancient times. These benefits revitalized the food industry and also led to a natural revolution in the cosmetics industry’s ability to develop the effectiveness of certain principles and best apply them.

Upon discovering this rare and iconic Tuscan flower, BT extracted its cosmetic benefits with the help of science to create the products in this collection:

– Illuminating AHA treatment
– Camellia Essence
– Illuminating serum
– Pearls of light
– Rich face cream

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